Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Fluffy Stash...organized.

I find cloth diapering is most fun when I'm organized. This is my current set up, it's a tiny linen closet that was pretty much useless for such and since I really don't use my changing table lately this makes more sense. So here I am encouraging you to think outside the box and find a nice spot for your fluff!
On the top shelf are premium sized prefolds & flannel fitteds. Next shelf is our current prefolds, fitted workhorse diapers & small prefolds & flats I use for doublers.
Third shelf down is pockets, AIO's & Cover's then on the next shelf is wipes and a few disposables plus a basket for snappi's.
Last up we have my 3yr old's pullups & wet bags. I LOVE wetbags!!
As you can see I've discovered I still have room for more fluff- yay!

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