Monday, October 3, 2011

Consignment Sales (& why they can be better than thrift stores..)

Why I prefer Huge Children's Consignment Sales like the Just Between Friends Sale and in my area The Creme Brulee Kids Sale...
Well, one reason is with one stop shopping it will save on your gas, rather than driving to several different thrift shops. Another reason is that it will save you time and on one hand you will have more selection and most of these sales even have a section for housewares-
Yet another reason is all the clothing is screened for stains, I don't know about you but I don't want to pay for items that have stains. Plus if you go to the sale on the last day most items will be half off compared to the thrift shop where you have to dig to find a green tag in what it seems like a sea of all other colors!
Now there are two rules I follow while shopping these sales.
Rule # 1. I have to love it! if you don't love the piece, it won't be used and that is wasteful.
Rule #2. for clothing, it has to be under 3.00 each piece. it's simple, I'm cheap.
Other items like bouncers, strollers, etc. I will check Craigslist before I go to check how much something is going for and then go from there.
Don't get me wrong, I love shopping at thrift shops but for bulk seasonal shopping for children I find consignment sales a much better deal.
Now I will brag about the deals I just got at my local JBF sale... (I went on 1/2 off day)
Gymboree dress
Gymboree pants
Gap Tee shirt
NWT Organic hand knitted pants
Old Navy dress
Carter's Overall & Onsie
Osh Kosh Shoes
Bag of small toys (for stocking stuffers)
All of that for 18.00- sweet!

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